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Frequency Counter US202M Manual

US202M is a small portable device to count the frequency of our hall flow sensors. It shows the current frequency. The frequency is in right proportion with the flow rate. The bigger the flow rate, the bigger the display number.

1. Dimension: 79×43×25mm

2. Installation Dimension: 76.5*39mm

3. Wire Connection:

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4. Input voltage DC5V, output voltage DC5V.

5. Max frequency number 9999Hz. 0.56” red LED. Error: 0.5%

6. Display shows 0.00 when power on. Shows “HHHH” when beyond the max range.

7. When water passes the hall flow sensor, US202M will show frequency.

8. Jumper:

Jumper 1: default; show the frequency 00.00 or 000.0 automatically,

Jumper 2 and H: shows the frequency 000.0;

Jumper 3 and H: shows the frequency 00.00;


1. When there is magnetic material around the sensor, the sensor’s characteristics may vary.

2. In order to avoid particle debris, the sensor must be installed after a filter.
3. The flow sensor can be installed in any direction. IT needs to avoid strong vibrating and shaking environment, so as not to affect the accuracy.

4. The flow sensor should be used only for pure water, 0-60 Celsius. Higher temperature will affect the accuracy and life span.

5. Please don't disassemble the counter without authorization from the seller.


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